Mini Games posed as Rituals

This page will be continually updated as progress towards rituals is made

Fire Ritual

Burn $WZDM to increase Energy & Enlightenment

Fire is constantly in motion, moves like a living being, โ€œeatsโ€ through the process of combustion, and throws off light and heat, which are necessary for human survival.

Many Shamanz work exclusively during the night, so fire is a practical part of the ceremony, providing light, heat, and a focus for group work. Fire is a source of Shamanic power and mystic force

Fire and smoke are a means to transport the spirit to other worlds.

Use of fire or smoke as a means of ascent can be found in Eskimo, Melanesian, and ancient Iranian cultures. In Melanesia, flames that leap into the sky are but one of many paths for accessing the Upper World

Soul Retrieval

Drum Circle

Magical Darts

Nine Suns Nine Moons

Seven Passes

Vision Quest



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