World Tree

Axis Mundi

Trees represent a connection between earth and sky, one that the shaman may use to climb into the Upper World or to descend, via the roots, to the Lower World. The branching of trees carries connotations of the interconnected web of life and spirit, which Shamanz must understand in order to perform their work. The roots are deep in the earth and the branches disappear into the sky. The World Tree is a representation of reality, located at a point considered to be the center of the world, as well as the connection between worlds in many traditional legends.

Roots are seated in past lifes, and branches that strech into future possibilities.

Ancient and modern religions used the tree of life to symbolize the process of attaining WZDM or enlightenment.

The tree is a pillar of strength, connecting realms, and symbolizing balance.

In the indigenous cultures of America, the world tree is where spirit animals live, alongside the ancestors, lost information is found and fragmented parts of the soul await retrieval by the Shaman. In Siberian culture the world tree is a symbol of mother earth, she gives the Samoyed Shaman the drum that allows them to travel between worlds to access things to come.

Upper World

Ancestral visitation of spirits

Welcome to the ethereal realm of spirit, the dwelling place of the star nations, gods, goddess, and spirit guides, and of what you can become. Upper world bends its branch for you to climb onto and up to the world tree. Here you will obtain philosophical advice and guidance from sentient spirits who are waiting to assist you cement a much more positive outcome. High vibrations, it is not better, just a different medicine to draw from , as, and when is needed.

Waiting to reveal the height of your essential nature. Calls you to work with spirit to bring about healing in the earthly realm.

The Upper, Middle and Lower worlds of the tree of life are fully connected and equal, one cannot exist without the other. Traversing between each world will take you closer to being in unity with Great Spirit.

Middle World

Common Shaman ground.

Middle world wants you to remember where you come from and where you reside. Representing the present. Filled with trials tribulations, blessings and achievements. Journey to the lower and upper worlds of the tree of life to access WZDM & healing abilities, and bring them back here to your home in middle world. Traveling through the physical landscape, restore balance and embrace all that is seen and unseen.

Do not become lost in the middle world of paradoxes and conundrums, look ahead to the branches, and be mindful to tend to your roots.

Lower World

Signifies the past. It must be explored if you wish to be acquainted with the oldest part of your soul. Thoughts and ideas are imprinted in the lower world. Retrieve lost power, hear the rattles shake, hear the drums beat, and dance your way to the trunk of the world tree. Nature spirits reside here, grants access to natures secrets, power animal visitation, this is where the elemental kingdom can be encountered.

WZDM and energy can be brought forward into life to heal past wounds. Totem animals accompany you here as you descend into the past and discover where you power lies, they help you in the here & now..

Shamanz descend through altered states of consciousness.

The spirits encountered in each of these realms will differ from society to society, but shamanic journeying is typically linked to the ability to enter altered states of consciousness.

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