Artist, Inspiration Operations, INDONESIA

A true illustrative mastermind. Derry has been illustrating unique narratives for well over 10 years. His design work reaches all corners of the globe. He possesses the unique ability to create entirely new worlds. His style is unmatched and the reason why Shamanz style is so distinct from the majority of web3 projects.


Development Operations, USA

Drone is not new to crypto but only recently re-entered the space within the last year diving headfirst into the NFT space. An experienced cloud architect in the data consulting industry, Drone brings a logical brain to the team which accelerates project milestones and delivery.


Creative Operations, USA

Rumple has been in crypto since 2020, mainly as an investor, but has transitioned flawlessly to the NFT world being a visual artist himself under multiple alias's. His proficiency with graphic design programs has helped push the boundaries of the complex asset layering for Shamanz. Having always pulled inspiration from natural and metaphysical elements, it was a clear path to aid in the conjuring of a spiritually focused NFT.


Lead Contracts Engineer, ISREAL

Ram has been working with solidity since 2019, a super brain in engineering contract ecosystems and connectivity. Ram is self taught and constantly learning new principles and techniques and applying them while architecting the Shamanz contracts. New to the NFT world his experience translates perfectly to the Shamanverse and its construction.


Spiritual Operations, USA

Lily's journey with spirituality has been in place for many years. Acting & practicing many spiritual mediums. Lily leads the spiritual operations and direction for the project while running marketing and discord administrations.


Lead Web Developer, INDIA

An extremely experienced web3 architect, OA has been building full stack websites since 2021.

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