Initiate Ceremony

Discord Upgrades

  • Moderators
  • New Roles
  • New Emojis
  • New Stickers
  • New Botz
  • New Channels & Organization

Website Go Live


1,444 spots to be claimed
Launch date: 2.2.2022
Whitelist will be announced with a giveaway via Twitter
All Shamanz Role discord members automatically whitelisted
Addresses to be captured in #whitelist

Whitelist Mint

4,400 Shamanz will be available to mint
Whitelist mint launch date: 2/22/2022
Cost 1.4 AVAX
Limit per address is 4 Shamanz
44 Shamanz will be reserved for team PFPs & community or giveaways in progress or already completed.
Shamanz are immediately viewable from mint, no reveal date to wait on!

Public Mint

Remaining Shamanz will be sold to public on 3/3/2022
Max Shamanz Mintable: 4
Cost 1.4 AVAX